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Photos from our nationwide consultations (open houses) on the TeachR framework


About Us

NCTE's TeachR Platform aims to unlock the potential of TEIs to provide better learning outcomes for their student teachers,and eventually for all students across India by laying out a framework for ranking and assessment of TEIs that privileges academic excellence above all else.The new framework is distinctive in its approach. It rebalances the emphasis between inputs such as land, building, teachers, and outputs such as learning outcomes by emphasizing the latter. It also recognizes the need to have a variety of teaching methods and therefore uses both qualitative and quantitative tools, while taking a long-term view to sustaining excellence through regular assessment and ranking


Overview of TeachR, NTP and other NCTE reforms 



"Overview of framework"

Through the initiation of TeachR, NCTE will actively work towards promoting academic excellence in the field of education by checking the knowledge, skills, and attitude imparted by teacher educators and acquired by the pre-service teachers within all TEIs across the country.


"Pillars of TeachR"